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Japan Intends To Phase Out Nuclear Power By 2040

This may not happen, since the country may change political leadership, but it's certainly a milestone: TOKYO — Japan said Friday that it would seek to phase out nuclear power by 2040 — a historic shift for a country that has long staked

Atomic City USA - Oak Ridge In 1950

Atomic City USA - radio documentary produced in 1950 to help promote the cause of Nuclear energy by looking at a community completely made up of workers employed by the Government, initially working on the Atomic Bomb in World War 2, but turning to other uses for Nuclear energy post-World War 2.

It's Just Business, Nothing Personal

Way back in March 1979, there was this little incident at Three Mile Island that shook up the nuclear technology business in the United States. After a dry spell of nearly 40 years, we may see the start of nuclear reactor construction in the