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Jennifer Granholm Calls Out 'Repulsive, Misogynistic' Limbaugh

I was not impressed with Jennifer Granholm's new show, The War Room on Current TV after watching some of the first few airings and haven't watched much of it since, although I have continued to record the show since it began airing not long ago. I'm

Sandra Fluke Responds To Limbaugh's Over The Top Sexist Remarks

Ed Schultz spoke to the Georgetown University Law student Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh doubled down on his sexist remarks from the day before where he called Fluke a slut and a prostitute. Today he went so far as to demand that "women post sex tapes online if they use insurance-covered birth control."

Conservative Radio Host Accused Of Hit And Run At Gay Bar

Houston police are investigating claims that a conservative radio host fled the scene after hitting a parked car at a popular local gay bar. Although police initially declined to press charges against Michael Berry, at least two witnesses have