Farm Supporters Chain Themselves To Giant Pig At Fracking Well Site

Concerned citizens of Western Pennsylvania and friends of Lawrence County farmer Maggie Henry locked themselves to a giant paper-mache pig at the entrance to a Shell Oil Co. natural gas well site in order to protest the company’s threat to local agriculture and food safety. The newly-constructed gas well is located less than 4,000 feet from Henry’s organic pig farm.

C&L Opening Bell: How Screwed Are American Homeowners?

The answer is, "Extremely." But that doesn't even begin to do it justice, so I consulted the thesaurus, mashed up a bunch of different synonyms and came up with a whole new adjective: "Extrimmensaordinarily." That's pretty bad, if you couldn't
C&L's Late Night Music Club With The Streets

C&L's Late Night Music Club With The Streets

I don't know of many songs that capture the pain and desperation of a break up as well as this one does. I spent a night boozing with Mike Skinner of The Streets a few years back, and when I asked him about this song he told me that he likes to

Wandering In The Desert Of 50-and-over Unemployed

It isn't a question of skill. It isn't a question of whether older employees can handle a rapid pace in their workday, or whether they can make snap judgements. They were doing the job and doing it well before they were laid off because of the