March 30, 1965 - Another Inch Deeper.

March 30, 1965. In-depth look at the major stories of the day. Terrorist bombing of U.S. Embassy in Saigon. White House weighs retaliation options. HUAC turns its attention to the KKK and other domestic terrorist groups. Man convicted of robbery and murder and sentenced in absentia in 1920 turns up and faces trial 45 years later. And Charles De Gaulle launched tirade against French Scientists speaking English.

Everyman Mitt Romney Speaking French...Well

It wasn't long ago that the contributors here at C&L were asked if anyone knew what Mitt Romney was actually saying in this footage of Mitt Romney speaking French in this training video recorded to encourage Salt Lake City Olympic volunteers to speak French. The input we received from our one team member who does speak French was that Romney obviously does not, or does not speak it very well for someone who lived over there for a while years ago. So needless to say this tickled me.