George Allen

State Of The Union Open Thread

Give us your impressions. Anything stick out? Anything fall flat? Any good reactions from the gallery? See a resignation letter in Cheney's pock

The UnRiehl World Yet Again...

And the man that called it for George Allen (I'm still laughing at that one) is wrong again. Nitpicker explains: "One for the "moonbats&

A Parting Shot From George Allen

Thanks Mr. Macaca...NY Times: As a last little gift to America, Senator George Allen, who was narrowly defeated by James Webb this month, has introdu

Open Thread With The Cabin Boy

Alec Baldwin dubbed Mark Levin, the "Cabin Boy," a while back. Here's one of his fine takes after the election : I'm going against

It's Not A Dream

Atrios As the canvassing continues in Virginia, Sen. George Allen, R-Virginia, is sequestered in his home, "shell shocked," and going throu

Oh My God

Boyda beat Ryun in KS-02. Unbelievable. Fifty state baby. Fifty state. And just as important, with 99% reporting, Jim Webb has just pulled ahead of G