George Allen

Five Years Later, George Allen Apologizes For 'Macaca' Remark

Former Sen. George Allen (R-VA) apologized Friday for a racist slur he used against a Democratic campaign worker almost five years ago. During his campaign for re-election in 2006, Allen attempted to bully S.R. Sidarth by calling him "macaca."

Macaca Allen Wants His Senate Seat Back

It's now official: He's baaaaackk! George "Macaca" Allen had decided to throw his hat in the ring to win back his Senate seat in 2012. Former senator George Allen is attempting a comeback six years after the Republican narrowly lost his seat

The Return Of The Man Of "Macaca" UPDATED

Former Senator George Allen -- the once-leading religious-right candidate eyeing the run for the presidency in 2008, until his "macaca moment" lost him the election and his aspirations -- is said to be running against Sen. Webb in

The Republican Confederacy Of Dunces

A modest proposal: no one displaying the Confederate flag gets to lecture any American about patriotism - ever. Ditto for anyone trafficking in Conf

Webb - Wrong On Detainee Trials

When James Webb became a Democratic senator for Virginia in 2006 after beating George Allen, I thought it was a wonderful thing. Here was this forme