Colin Powell

Colin Powell Calls Out GOP On Systemic Voter Suppression

Via the Grio, this interesting observation from Colin Powell on Morning Joe. Absolutely! What kind of future does a party have when the only way they win is to lie, trick and steal their way into power? On MSNBC’s Morning Joe yesterday,

Colin Powell Continues To Defend WMD Lies On Iraq

The more things change, the more they remain the same. It's now almost ten years later, and Colin Powell is still defending going in front of the United Nations and pushing the faulty intelligence to justify our invasion of Iraq. Of course don't

Former Powell Staffer Wilkerson: 'My Party Is Full Of Racists'

Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson, didn't mince any words this Friday evening during an appearance on Ed Schultz's show, when asked what he thought about John Sununu going off the rails again and claiming that Powell only