Steve Benen

Romney: Obama 'Tends To Say Things That Aren't True'

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says the upcoming debates will be tough because President Barack Obama has a tendency to "say things that aren't true." "I think he's going to say a lot of things that aren't accurate," Romney told

Fox Pundits Continue To Defend Romney's Dishonest Campaign Ads

Here we go again with the talking heads on Fox, defending Mitt Romney's dishonest "you didn't build that" ad. Context doesn't matter. Lies don't matter. Policy doesn't matter. Reality doesn't matter. You can say anything and all that matters is how

Wrenching Quotes From Context Is The Republicans' Game Plan

Former C&L contributor and now Rachel Maddow Show producer and Maddow Blog contributor Steve Benen joined guest host Ezra Klein on Maddow's show and discussed the subject of one of his recent posts, which is the fact that Republicans can't run against President Obama's actual policies, so they have to resort to constantly taking him out of context.