Reliable Sources/Howard Kurtz

Has The Beltway Created A Twitter Media Playhouse?

Dana Milbank said something very telling, for a change, to Howard Kurtz: MILBANK: Exactly, that's when it should be done. The other thing that I think was going on here -- I was out there in Denver as you were. You know what was up on every

Kurtz Thinks 'Facing The Facts' Is 'Pie In The Sky'

I can always count on Howard Kurtz for finding a way to give me a migraine. Kurtz books former CNN Washington Bureau Chief Frank Senso to talk about his new project via George Washington University, Face the Facts, a non-partisan fact check

The Banality Of Evil Includes Howard Kurtz

Let me stipulate this up front: I don't hate anyone. There are people I dislike. There are people I scorn. There are people I believe have lost the right to ever have a national platform again. But "hate" is a word I reserve for concepts,