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Howie Kurtz Tackles Al Gore's 'Hypocrisy' On Climate Change

If you're Al Gore and you own 20 percent of Current TV, and Current TV is sold to Al Jazeera, which is owned by Qatar's royal family, and Qatar's royal family also profits from oil trading, have you sold out the cause of global warming? That's

Has The Beltway Created A Twitter Media Playhouse?

Dana Milbank said something very telling, for a change, to Howard Kurtz: MILBANK: Exactly, that's when it should be done. The other thing that I think was going on here -- I was out there in Denver as you were. You know what was up on every

Kurtz Thinks 'Facing The Facts' Is 'Pie In The Sky'

I can always count on Howard Kurtz for finding a way to give me a migraine. Kurtz books former CNN Washington Bureau Chief Frank Senso to talk about his new project via George Washington University, Face the Facts, a non-partisan fact check

The Banality Of Evil Includes Howard Kurtz

Let me stipulate this up front: I don't hate anyone. There are people I dislike. There are people I scorn. There are people I believe have lost the right to ever have a national platform again. But "hate" is a word I reserve for concepts,