lame duck

Stewart Slams GOP Obstruction As The 'Audacity Of Nope'

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has a robust agenda for the lame duck session but all of it will be stalled if the Republicans are successful with what Comedy Central's Jon Stewart calls the "audacity of nope" strategy. Reid has

Erickson: Republican Obstruction Will Help Them In Mid-Terms

It seems no matter what the Republicans do, it's always going to get framed as being good for them in the upcoming elections even when their actions are doing harm to actual Americans. Surprisingly the usually hackish John King pointed out to Red

Voinovich Breaks Ranks, Says Small Biz Bill Must Pass

Retiring Ohio Senator George Voinovich has given a strong signal to the White House that he will play ball with them on the Small Business bill as well as the $50 billion infrastructure stimulus spending bill. It appears that he will want to add an