DREAMer Felipe Matos Catches White House In Two Lies

At Netroots Nation, Felipe Matos of the Trail of Dreams caught White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer in two lies, yesterday: (1) Obama "hears from DREAM Act Students all the time," and (2) Obama "does not have the executive authority

We Will Be Watching: Victory For The DREAM Act

The fate of almost a million lives could be decided in the next six hours.  As a voter, as a millenial, as a migrant, as a Guatemalan, I'm writing to say that I will be watching along with the vast majority of those who will determine the

Megyn Kelly, No Human Being Is "Illegal"

Since I wrote my last post for Crooks and Liars, it looks like the nativist noise machine is at it again.  This time it's the foul-mouthed Megyn Kelly spouting half-truths and dehumanizing rhetoric.  It looks like I'll have to add