Foreign Aid

March 15, 1947 - Living In A Post-War World.

March 15, 1947 - Living in a Post-War World. Cold War news. Big Four Conference. Palestine question. War Crimes trial in Tokyo. Fighting in China between Government and Communists. Revolts in South America. Foreign Aid to Greece and Turkey. Blizzards in Wales. Floods in East London.

February 23, 1975 - Not Bathing In The Same Water Twice.

February 23, 1975 - calls to send Military aid to South Vietnam. Kissinger returns from Middle East "hopeful". Ethiopia ask U.S. for arms against militants in Eritrea province. Judge Sirica hands down sentences for Watergate figures. New tensions in Cyprus. Outlawed strikes in Spain go on anyway. Persian Gulf region under scrutiny for continued arms sales. Another lovely day in the neighborhood.

August 15, 1951 - "Scandal Mongers With Rotten Motives".

News of the day for August 15, 1951 - Senate Crime Commission Hearing dealing with Crime and New York Politics. Testimony from former O'Dwyer aid Irving Sherman blacked out at his request. Truce talks deadlock in Korea. Debate on Foreign Aid Bill postponed. Great Britain will still trade with Communist countries. Sen. Joe McCarthy wants equal time to answer Truman address citing Scandal Mongers with Rotten Motives. HUAC hearings to continue. Classical Piano legend Artur Schnabel dies at 69 from long illness and Iran rejects British proposal to split oil profits 50-50.

Ms. McArdle! Let Me Introduce You To The W2 Form!

So the centrist Third Way think tank has come up with a clever idea of making up a receipt that the government can send Joe Q. Taxpayer every year to show him what his income taxes are paying for. While the sample the Third Way drew up