Ari Berman

Michael Steele Denies That There's Any Racism Involved In GOP Voter Suppression

While discussing Florida's history of voter suppression on this Sunday's Up w/Chris Hayes, former RNC chair Michael Steele did his best to try to pretend that one, Republicans really don't want to keep people from voting and two, that there's no racism involved with what they're doing across the country with purging these voting rolls.

Unarmed And Dangerous?

In 2005, when Florida was considering its insane stand-your-ground-or-perhaps-chase-down-an-innocent-black-teenager-and-shoot-him law, state senator Dan Gelber was a voice of reason. Gelber, when asked what he thought of legislation that would

Ari Berman: Time To Kiss The Blue Dogs Goodbye

Ari Berman, who was our guest here at a C&L book chat for his new book, "Herding Donkeys," has this thought-provoking op-ed piece in the Times. He says the Democrats would be better off without the Blue Dogs, even if they lost the majority: With