Gene Cranick

Open Thread With The Professional Left Weekly Podcast

Time for your weekly podcast with The Professional Left, our own Driftglass and Bluegal. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the podcast. Driftie has some related links posted over at his place for the podcast and here they

Countdown Follows Up On Cranick House Fire In Tennessee

Keith followed up on the story of the Tennessee house fire where firefighters watched as the home of Gene Cranick burned to the ground. The family has been reluctant to take donations but apparently has decided to now. Here's the information for

Utopia, Unraveled

In a Time Magazine special earlier this year, Reihan Salam rubbed his hands together excitedly and wrote this giddy little prediction: Faced with the burden of financing the decades-long retirement of aging boomers, many of the young embrace

Firefighters Watch As Tennesee Home Burns To The Ground

This story has been making it's way around the Internet over the last week and tonight Keith Olbermann talked to the homeowner, Gene Cranick about what happened when firefighters in Tennessee watched as his house burned to the ground because he