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Obama Asks Congress For Sequester Delay

President Obama made a statement this afternoon calling on Congress to pass temporary measures to stave off impending deep budget cuts, aka the "sequester." His request was preceded by a reminder that he has submitted ideas for how to responsibly

Paul Ryan Bemoans Defense Cuts: 'We Need Peace Through Strength'

It seems Fox regular Angela McGlowan's comments yesterday weren't just a one off. Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan has apparently been repeating the same line out on the campaign trail. He just managed to do it without the same Palin-like word salad we got from McGlowan on Saturday.

MTP: Mitt Romney Calls Debt Ceiling Deal "Big Mistake"

Mitt Romney has just proven himself unfit to lead this country with what he said to David Gregory this morning about the defense cut sequester and the debt ceiling. Either he has selective memory or else he's just as cynical as we all thought he

Kilmeade: It's A 'Sin' To Cut Defense Spending

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade says that cutting defense spending is just not the Christian thing to do. During a Thursday Fox & Friends segment about a defense industry-sponsored study that warns unemployment will rise if Congress does not find a

Clinton Concerned About UK's Planned Defense Cuts

I do get a little tired of the fact that war seems to be our major export these days. Now we're all upset because Great Britain is making defense spending cuts? I don't get it: The US has made an eleventh hour intervention in the highly charged