John McCain Continues Beating The War Drums On Syria

Another Sunday, another gazillionth appearance by Sen. John McCain on a Sunday show. And he's calling for more military intervention by the United States in Syria. What a shock. Can anyone think of a time this man was ever calling for restraint,

#ChicagoSpring: Occupy NATO May 12-21

Via ChicagoSpring.org: On May 19, Mayor 1% Emanuel will bring to Chicago military and civilian representatives of the 28-nation US-commanded and largely US-financed North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and heads of state and

January 31, 1941 - Daylight Raids And The Stomach For War.

News of the day for January 31, 1941. Greek troops advance in Albania, Italian armies retreat in Libya. Germans continue daylight raids over London. Hitler warns U.S. about intervention. Germans bomb Suez Canal. Siam (Thailand) issues demands via Japan to Vichy Government for surrender of Cambodia and one-fourth of Indo-China (Vietnam). Arguments for Foreign Aid and Lend-Lease on Capitol Hill. 520th day of War.

Hannity: I'd Start A Third War And Take Out The Iranian Nuclear Facilities

During what could only be described as an extremely painful segment to watch, Fox's Sean Hannity, right-wing radio host Bill Cunningham and Jerry Springer got into a shouting match over whether President Obama is to blame for the fact that we still haven't recovered from the Great Recession started under George W. Bush where the U.S. economy was in free fall when the president first took office, with Cunningham and Hannity of course blaming Obama for the mess we're in now.