UN Report Finds Widespread Torture Of Afghan Detainees

A new U.N. report claims that widespread torture and abuse of detainees continues at Afghan police and intelligence facilities. Earlier this month President Hamid Karzai said that all detainees held by the U.S. and its allies would be

Madrid On The Brink

This short film chronicles the events of the past week in Spain, where hundreds of thousands took to the streets against austerity and police brutality.

Majority Report: Beat Your Wife! Says Pat Robertson

Sam Seder gives his take on the latest wingnutterty to come out of Pat Robertson's mouth, just two days after appearing on stage with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. I wonder if anyone is going to ask Mittens if he's down with that whole wife beating thing since he was happy to be out campaigning with this crackpot.

Philly Cops, DHS Kettle, Brutally Arrest 28 At Occupy National Gathering

Twenty-eight arrests have been confirmed Sunday night during the ongoing Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia, after a small, impromptu march followed the closing of Franklin Square where most of the gathering's activities have been centered. Two of the people arrested were livestreamers, Jesse Hadden of Occupy Portland and “Cowboy Mike” of Occupy Philly. Two of the people arrested were also medics.

The New Apartheid

These are the stories of the New York Police Department's notorious and illegal Stop and Frisk program, which saw 685,724 illegal searches in 2011 alone. The NYPD is only allowed to stop and search someone if they have reasonable

#M17 Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park Arrests

On March 17 , Occupy Wall Street demonstrators gathered for their Six month anniversary, where people re-occupied Zuccotti Park. This footage begins around 9 O'clock p.m.,and shows the gathering that took place along with many of the arrests...

Egypt: First, Attack The Journalists

PJ Crowley is giving a press conference about Egypt right now, and his first statement concerns the detention and physical attacks on journalists in Cairo and across Egypt. This squares with a report just released by the Committee to Protect