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"Top 10 things Spock has made it clear he is not impressed by and never needs to be photoshopped into again: Moon Landing, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Murdoch, Charlie Sheen, Apple Products, Obama, your friend from work, that sailor kissing

Bill Maher: Face Ripper Monkey 2012!

As Bill Maher explained in his New Rules segment, the Republicans are having a little trouble with their field of primary candidates so far this year. Maher did however think he found a candidate for them that the "tea party" could support... face ripper monkey.

Prescribed Pain By The Prescription Racket

During the ultimate scene of betrayal in the movie Wall Street, a young stockbroker named Bud Fox learns that his idol, the golden-calf worshipping Gordon Gekko, has not only lied to him but left his father’s company exposed to the whims and