A Corporate Tax Idea That Fixes Lots Of Problems

Here is one thing Congress could do that would create more jobs, boost the economy and reduce both the budget deficit and the trade deficit. It would provide a big boost now, and an ongoing boost from now on.

Washington, D.C.: Mutual Aid In Mass Mobilizations

The District of Columbia is the nation’s Capital and therefore a lightning rod for national organizing, but it is also the home of 600,000 people who deal day-to-day with the consequences of many of the important issues that get protested

Romney's Tax Plan? Mitt Loves Millionaires

The Young Turks Cenk Uygur weighs in on Romney's tax plan if we're unfortunate enough actually find ourselves with him as president after the upcoming election: Mitt Romney wants the middle class to pay $500 more in taxes so the rich can get

April 23, 1979 - Selling SALT And Windfall Profits.

April 23, 1979. Selling SALT and Windfall Profits. Jimmy Carter back in Washington after Easter vacation. Congress back after Easter Recess. SCOTUS hears arguments regarding Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Assassination in Tehran. Cambodia fighting reported as heavy. Idi Amin lands in Iraq, seeking asylum. Please help keep Newstalgia from extinction. Donate what you can!