Blue America 2012

Support Blue America's 'Women Not In Binders' Candidates

Didn't you just love how Mitt Romney tried to make believe he supports women in the workplace? It wasn't even a good lie. In fact, it was a denigrating lie. Diane Sweet wrote this earlier on C&L: Guess what? Romney's answer isn't true, he

Blue America New Candidate Tuesday-- Jay Chen (CA-39)

Tuesday Blue America is officially endorsing our second California progressive for Congress, Jay Chen. He'll be here at 11am and we hope you'll have time to come by and meet him. There's a short video above and a few paragraphs below that might

Blue America Welcomes Aryanna Strader

Who can forget Congressmen Joe Pitts and Bart Stupak ganging up to blackmail Democrats in 2009 and 2010, into removing all abortion provisions from the Affordable Care Act before Stupak was freed to vote yes on it? Aryanna Strader hasn't

Retire Joe Pitts: Meet Blue America's Aryanna Strader

If you ask Aryanna Strader who started the war on women, she'll point her finger right at Congressman Joe Pitts. If you ask her who will help end it, she'll tell you who: Aryanna Strader. Aryanna is our newest Blue America candidate, and

Blue America Welcomes Ken Aden (D-AR)

One of the greatest difficulties for progressives these days is imagining how we can possibly win elections when the 1% has uncapped a fire hose full of money into our politics. It's a daunting prospect, to be sure. Their gusher of cash is so