wealth disparity

'Up' Panel On The Real Crisis Of Income Disparity And Poverty

Thank goodness there is at least one of these talking head shows on Sundays where Republican talking points are pushed back against and where it's not just a bunch of millionaire pundits talking about how we need to inflict pain on our senior citizens and raise the Medicare age in order to appease the GOP during these deficit negotiations, and that show is Up With Chris Hayes.

Union President Van Roekel: Top 1 Percent's Wages Have Gone Up 275 Percent

While continuing their conversation about whether government workers' salaries and whether the states can afford to be making good on their pension funds or not when a lot of them are facing huge problems with their budgets, AFL-CIO deputy chief of staff Thea Lee made the point that there's no reason we should not be raising taxes on the wealthiest among us who can afford it rather than cutting services or going after workers' pension funds.

Boss Hogs: Ed Schultz Calls Out CEOs

Ed Schultz has a new big screen with all sorts of visuals, which he uses to his advantage, showing how CEOs pay has increased, middle class income has decreased right on the same curve as union membership decreases. It's interesting, because I