ryan budget

Ezra Klein Says The GOP Believes In Their Own Rhetoric And President Romney Will Immediately Sign Ryan Budget

In a discussion of whether Republicans actually believe their rhetoric, Ezra Klein reminds the panel that if Romney wins the Presidential Election, that indicates a toppling of the electorate that assumes a Republican House and Senate as well. Klein asserts that with both houses of Congress and the White House under their control, the Republicans have too much invested in the Ryan Budget not to pass it.

Kristol And Hayes Agree It Would Be Good For GOP Presidential Candidates To Run On 'Entitlement Reform'

Another Sunday, another week where Bloody Bill Kristol proves himself to be wrong about everything. After some discussion on whether President Obama is going to have trouble being reelected and The Hill's A.B. Stoddard pointing out that he might unless he ends up being fortunate enough to run against someone who voted for Paul Ryan's budget plan, Bret Baier asks Kristol if the GOP would make make "reforming" "entitlements" into an asset. Kristol of course thinks that would be a winning issue for them.

Lawrence O'Donnell Attempts To Get Marsha Blackburn To Explain Her Previous Debt Ceiling Votes

I caught this last night and did not get a chance to post it earlier, but man was this one painful interview to watch. Lawrence O'Donnell was doing extra duty with Rachel Maddow on vacation and additional live coverage after President Obama's speech on the debt ceiling last night and during his late night coverage had on Democratic Rep. Rob Andrews and Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn. Par for the course, Blackburn did her best to filibuster the segment and O'Donnell for the most part allowed it for the better part of the entire 12 minute or so interview.

Our Economy's Best Chance

The terrible wrongness of the Ryan budget plan combined with the strangest, craziest Republican presidential candidate field ever makes it rather obvious how important it is to get President Obama re-elected. To have extreme right Republicans (that