Exelon-Pepco Merger - A Monopoly To Subsidize Nuclear Plants

Exelon-Pepco Merger - A Monopoly To Subsidize Nuclear Plants

If the Exelon-Pepco merger is approved by DC, Maryland and Delaware, the utility giant would force its new customer base to bail out its failing investments in expensive nuclear power. The merger will raise our bills, stifle clean energy competitors, and potentially complicate pensions and benefits that Pepco retirees have earned.

Something You Can Do Right Now About Global Climate Change

With a massive heat wave sweeping the country, people's electric usage is shooting up to keep up with the weather. Unfortunately most Americans get our electricity from dirty sources like coal, fracking and oil - and with this heat wave, are burning more fossil fuels to stay cool. My name’s Matt Browner Hamlin and I work for Ethical Electric because I have to fight catastrophic climate change.

June 4, 1954 - A Hint Of Things To Come.

News for June 4, 1954. Tragedy aboard USS Bennington, 102 killed in blast. Sec. of Commerce admits "we're in a Recession". 16 cities added to list of Distressed Communities, already at 123. Gen. James van Fleet does not think U.S. needs to send troops to South East Asia. Sec. of State Dulles joins list of officials saying U.S. involvement in Indo-China is imminent. Gas prices purposely kept up. Solar Panels are introduced. Army-McCarthy Hearings continue with more noise than progress.