Jobs Fix Economy, Cuts Cut Economy

Jobs Fix Economy, Cuts Cut Economy

The President is pushing a jobs agenda to grow the economy "from the middle out." Insider DC is mocking him because the ideas -- infrastructure, American manufacturing, fund our schools -- are not "new." Here is what else isn't new: budget cuts take money out of the economy, costing millions of jobs and harming our country's future competitiveness.

Sequester Threatens Weather Forecasts

Cutting the budget of the already financially strapped National Weather Service as we're experiencing an increasing number of climate change related super storms, what could go wrong?

Robert Reich: GOP Loses If U.S. Goes Over Fiscal Cliff

“Viewpoint” host Eliot Spitzer and Robert Reich, professor at the University of California, Berkeley, discuss the latest fiscal cliff negotiations in Washington. Robert Reich believes Democrats have the power in the budget battle,

Mitt Romney, Job Destroyer

Mitt Romney's reinvention convention is starting with the theme "We Built It." Mitt Romney will try to sell himself to the American people as a "Mr. Fix It" who knows how to turn a business around. Of course, once you examine his record, it's clear Mitt Romney knows less about turning businesses around and more about running them into the ground.