Kevin Drum

The Criminal Element Of....Lead

I remember many, many years ago when my dad decided to buy an old house for the rental income. The house itself was built at the turn of the last century and had originally been the servants quarters for a much larger house down the street. It

Enough With The Liberal Hand-Wringing About Rush Limbaugh

Ever since Bill Maher started fretting about how mean everyone is being to El Rushbo, I keep seeing these "Well, Limbaugh's awful, but ..." takes from people who are ostensibly on the left. Here's Slate's John Dickerson, on the Political Gabfest

Tax The Rich! In Fact, Let's Double Their Taxes

Conservatives say they want to "bring back" the old USA, the one that existed during those decades of the twentieth century they only seem to see through a gauzy golden haze. Whatever its problems, that country was a place where Republicans and