Radio News

May 11, 1975 - Evacuations And Takeovers.

May 11, 1975 - news for the week ending. Final evacuation from Cambodia. South Vietnamese refugees still pouring out of the country. Senator McGovern visits Cuba. OAS talks of lifting Cuban sanctions by Summer. Last two Marines killed in Vietnam still in Saigon. Laos faces Communist takeover. Egypt moves to clear Suez Canal of wrecked ships from 1976 War.

April 26, 1964 - The Curious Mix Of Optimism And Pessimism.

April 26, 1964 - LBJ Announces substantial Nuclear Weapons reduction. Khruschev announces similar reduction. Cuba tensions resume. Dean Rusk returns from Saigon with upbeat assessment. Robert McNamara concedes winning in Vietnam "will take time". Railroad Union settlement reached. LBJ tours Appalachia promoting War On Poverty legislation. Civil Rights Bill at a standstill. Threatened "stall-ins" at opening of Worlds Fair don't materialize, but 300 Civil Rights demonstrators arrested.

March 19, 1987 - Rehearsals For Primetime.

March 19, 1987. Pres. Reagan gives first Press Conference in four months. Iran-Contra Scandal. CIA supplying Contras with plans and blueprints. Congress approves $40 million to Contras. Michael Deaver trying to stay out of jail. Israel stops supplying Military aid to South Africa. Bristol-Myers thinks it may have AIDS vaccine. 65 MPH speed limit approved.

December 6, 1981 - Plots And Threats.

At least you don't have Mo to kick around anymore. The big news of this day in 1981 was the discovery of an alleged Libyan plot to assassinate President Reagan and key members of Reagan's White House team, including Caspar Weinberger and Philip

November 23, 1962 - World Only Slightly Askew.

News of this day in history for November 23, 1962 - A coup in Argentina was thwarted with arrests made. A border dispute between Yemen and Saudi Arabia threatens to blow up. Tense ceasefire between China and India. C.O.R.E. (Congress Of Racial Equality) stages sit-ins at two cafeterias and a movie theater in Greensboro. And 173 people have died so far on this Thanksgiving holiday in traffic accidents.

August 4, 1978 - The Stock Market, But Different.

News of the day for August 4, 1978 - the unemployment rate jumps to 6.2% - The stock market has a dramatic rise of over 23 points. Jimmy Carter selling his proposal to reform the Civil Service system, Flooding in Texas, Former UK Liberal Party Leader Jeremy Thorpe arrested for attempted murder. Sec. of State Cyrus Vance heading to Middle East and more talks. Border hostilities between Vietnam and Cambodia heating up and ther's a cement shortage in Southern California.

June 29, 2000 - Fires, Fraud And Flagrance.

News of the Day for June 29, 2000 - Wildfires in Southern Washington State threaten Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Hostage Standoff in Disney World, Disgraced pitcher John Rocker returns to Baseball, Janet Reno comments on Elian Gonzales case, Pres. Clinton nominates Norman Mineta to Sec. Of Commerce and Daniel Wiant gets indicted for embezzling $7 million from The American Cancer Society.