Rebekah Brooks

Rupertgate Thursday - "A New Low".

The latest revelations in the never-ending story of phone hacking, bribery and tabloid journalism. Police report findings that the phone of Sara Payne, mother of murdered girl Sarah Payne, and namesake for Pedophile legislation, had her phone hacked. The phone allegedly given to her by News Of The World.

Rupertgate Thursday - Post Mortem And Prevarications.

Two reports via The Guardian. The first is Politics Weekly from July 21 and a recap of the big story and the fallout and some of the repercussions. The second is a Media Talk Special with members of the Guardian and an audience discussing the implications of the hearings and how it may impact the US as the story continues to widen.

Rupertgate Tuesday - The Circus This Time.

The Murdochs - the tree is rotten and the fruit ain't good. The world had a look. It was covered by everybody and their brother. Even Fox News turned on the feed. And in the end there were no revelations, no bombshell disclosures, surpluses of

Rupertgate Sunday - Breaking Out In Handcuffs.

The latest batch of revelations for Sunday including the arrest of former CEO of News International and Editor of News Of The World Rebekah Brooks, and less than five hours later the abrupt resignation of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson over the ever-growing Phone Hacking and Bribery Scandal.

Rebekah Brooks Arrested: Rupertgate Grows

As we reported earlier, Rebeckah Brooks had resigned from News International just the other day. Things just got much worse for the former News of The Day editor. Rebekah Brooks has been arrested by police investigating allegations of phone

Rupertgate Friday - Exit Ginger And Yonder Walk The Feebees.

Latest news regarding the ongoing Newscorp/News International/Rupert Murdoch phone hacking, bribery scandal. Former Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks resigns, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder sets up investigation of allegations Newscorp hacked U.S. phones. Murdoch hold Mea Culpa session with the parents of Mily Dowler. Ads will appear in all UK publications from Newscorp/News International asking forgiveness on the weekend.

Rebekah Brooks Resigns From News International

Rebekah Brooks has resigned from News International in the wake of the phone hacking scandal. She released a carefully-worded letter to the staff. Via The Guardian: At News International we pride ourselves on setting the news agenda for the