welfare state

Fox Attacks Obama For Bush-Era Program Informing Immigrants About Food Stamps

Just when you thought Fox couldn't get much worse with the distortions and race-baiting, here we go again. Neil Cavuto and his guest did their best to paint the Obama administration as wanting to create a "culture of dependency" on food stamps for "illegal immigrants" for a program started under George W. Bush that does neither.

Chris Hayes On The Thatcher Legacy

As Chris Hayes noted in the opening of his show this Monday, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was known for pulling no punches and "out of deference to that legacy, we should pull none ourselves" and reminded his viewers of some of the "hallmarks" of Thatcher's career.

Bill O'Reilly Belittles Social Safety Net Recipients

Bill O'Reilly did his best to carry on the Fox mantra of demonizing the poor and the most vulnerable among us in his Talking Points Memo this Tuesday night by portraying anyone who depends on government programs as a bunch of weak, lazy moochers who

The Welfare State

Ali Velshi grilled anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist about his responsibility for Republicans being completely inflexible on raising taxes today on CNN's Your Money, and you can read the transcript of that back and forth here, but it was the segments