Medicare Part D

Walgreens Returns To Medicare Drug Policy For Newly Insured

Walgreens Returns To Medicare Drug Policy For Newly Insured

Walgreen Co., the nation's largest drug store chain, announced Monday it will provide a month of prescriptions to those customers who do not yet have a new insurance plan identification number. If that policy sounds familiar, it should.

Sen. Bernie Sanders Calls Out The Deficit Hawk Hypocrites

From the office of Sen. Bernie Sanders -- Deficit Hawk Hypocrites: Who caused deficits? Some of the same people in Congress who bemoan all the red ink in the federal budget actually created the problem. At a Senate Budget Committee hearing on

John Podesta Calls Out Liz Cheney On The Bush Tax Cuts, Medicare Part D And Two Wars Being The Drivers Of Our Deficit

Apparently Fox News thinks that the daughter of mister deficits don't matter Dick Cheney who helped to break the bank on our spending for two invasions of countries that were never a threat to us and the Bush tax cuts that they justified as being okay because we had a surplus under Bill Clinton is somehow now qualified to weigh in on our problem with the deficit and this very dangerous game of kabuki theater we're watching now on raising the debt ceiling.