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Reid On Debt Deal: Congress Worked, No One Was Caned

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) took to the Senate floor Monday to point out debt ceiling negotiations had been tough but Congress worked as it was intended. "I know that there are all kinds of pundits and commentators who talk about

David Brooks Blames Potential Breakdown In Negotiations On President Obama Not Talking Nicely Enough To Republicans

There are a whole lot of things I find troubling about this situation we've got going on right now over raising the debt ceiling -- the fact that the Republicans decided to take the entire United States economy hostage with their initial refusal to just pass a clean bill, or that President Obama has continually ceded to Republicans one talking point after another on everything from tax cuts and the so-called "job creators" to putting Social Security out there as something to negotiate with when it adds nothing to our budget deficit among others.