Breaking: John Boehner Out Of Talks With Obama As The Soap Opera Goes On With Debt Ceiling

As I figured would happen, Rep. John Boehner has pulled out of negotiations with Obama over the debt ceiling talks because.....revenues and safety net cuts.

What a shock.

House Speaker John Boehner has broken off talks with President Barack Obama on getting a budget deal to avert a government default. The Ohio Republican says the president wants to raise taxes too high and won't make "fundamental changes" to benefit programs such as Medicare.

Top GOP aides say Boehner will now work with Senate leaders on an alternative aimed at averting a market-rattling, first-ever federal default.

Jed Lewison was covering Obama's recent remarks:

3:38 PM PT: President Obama has wrapped up perhaps the most dramatic news conference of his presidency. (As for statements, nothing will beat the Osama bin Laden one, of course.) To recap: Boehner is out of talks in the big deal. Obama is now talking about the big deal in the past tense. He is insisting on the debt limit being raised, even if it's a clean debt limit extension.
3:23 PM PT: After saying he is willing to sign the McConnell plan that would require him to take the responsibility of raising the debt limit, Obama adds: "I cannot believe Congress would be that irresponsible that they would not send to me a package that avoids a self inflicted wound when things are so difficult." He's at least calling for a clean bill here.

There wasn't time for the Grand Bargain and I'm happy about that. We'll see where it goes from here. It's clear President Obama wanted a big deal and we all saw how powerful the bully pulpit is because now Americans want the debt ceiling raised and they'd like a compromise. A couple of weeks ago, most Americans agreed with the Tea Party and didn't want the debt ceiling raised at all. This is a tactic I find annoying by the administration. Even if they win some sort of victory, the dialogue has shifted hard to the right over cuts and not spending and revenues to kick start this economy. That's a bad spot for a Democratic President to put himself in and for his Congressional brethren as well.

If only he used the bully pulpit more often and in progressive terms...Anyway...this soap opera continues.


Update I: Keep in mind that everyone's posturing in public right now, trying to get their people on board for something. I wouldn't assume anything. For all we know, both Boehner and the President have agreed to a clean vote with a pinky swear to get back to work on that dratted debt the day after and Nancy and John are planning a full week-end of kabuki to show their troops that they fought until very end. With the president saying his bottom line is raising the debt ceiling, it could be that the GOP "reluctantly" agrees to Pelosi's plan for 2.4 without any cuts.
Or maybe the Republicans really are going to go over the cliff. It ain't over 'til it's over

Have you noticed that Villagers are getting mad at Grover Norquist? He's been around a long time pulling strings in the GOP for decades, but since he's been out there with his no new taxes pledge and using insane logic to defend it, he's now interfering with the Villagers desire to see a Grand Bargain too.


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