Ames Straw Poll

Colbert Super PAC - Iowa Straw Poll Results

From The Colbert Report after the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll results: Michele Bachmann gets a commanding 80% of the votes she paid for at the Iowa straw poll, and "Rick Parry" receives at least 718 write-in votes.

Tim Pawlenty Again Compares President Obama To A 'Manure Spreader In A Windstorm'

With the exit of Tim Pawlenty from the Republican 2012 primary race this weekend, I would just like to say that I'm glad this is the last time we're going to hear this type of completely disrespectful trash talk about President Obama from man who decided the best way to get a leg up in that primary was to try to out-wingnut his fellow Minnesotan, Michele Bachmann.

Cain: 5th Place In Straw Poll Is 'A Great Position'

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is encouraged by his fifth place finish in Saturday's Iowa Straw Poll. "Rep. Bachmann, first I want to congratulate her for winning," Cain told CNN's Candy Crowley Sunday. "She also put substantial

Pawlenty Drops Out Of Presidential Race

Only 12 hours after a disappointing showing in the Iowa Straw Poll, Tim Pawlenty is dropping his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. "There is a lot factors that go into a successful campaign, obviously," Pawlenty told ABC News

Grassley Rails About President Obama For Not Taking Responsibility For His Policies - Too Bad He's Not Willing To Do The Same

During the lead up to the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa, their senior senator, Chuck Grassley, made an appearance and took the opportunity to rail on about Obama not taking responsibility for his policies and apparently was very unhappy with Republicans being blamed for any of our economic problems. He also lied and repeated the same tired old line we've heard out of them time after time:

Sarah The Tease

Sarah Palin continues to tease the media with her little act of political insouciance.