Radio newscast

December 21, 1981 - Poland Under Martial Law.

Familiar images, as always. With the Solidarity Movement in Poland considered a government overthrow, the move towards more severe repression was underway. This time the target for Jaruzelski's wrath was the Catholic Church, with news of priests

October 28, 1941 - Inching Closer To World War.

News of the day from October 28, 1941. German Army advances within 40 miles of Moscow. Britain and Germany react to FDR's Navy Day Address. Russia and Japan in border clashes. Britain recognizes the newly independent nation of Syria.

October 27, 1995 - Ft. Bragg, Airbags And Give-Or-Take A Million Men.

News for this day in 1995. October 27th - Shooting at Ft. Bragg Army base kills one. Airbags suspected of not being safe for children not using seat belts. Boris Yeltsin in hospital. The Million Man March gets scrutinized over claim saying it could have been 600,000 or 1.1 million. And the Cleveland Indians are hanging on as Braves lead in 3-2 games of World Series.

October 13, 1979 - Castro, Caucuses And Defectors.

News for this day in history, October 13, 1979 - The Florida Caucuses begin, The Iowa Straw Poll starts. Ask The President isn't taking any calls. Gas prices threaten to go up. Castro in New York. Leonid and Valentina Kozlov are latest Russian ballet stars to defect to U.S.