Rewrite: ‘See You At Mahket Bahsket’

Rewrite: ‘See You At Mahket Bahsket’

MSNBC, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Aug. 28, 2014. Read more here...

U.S. Judge Larry Burns Makes Conservative Case For Gun Control

Lawrence O'Donnell read the entire op-ed which appeared in the L.A. Times in his rewrite segment this Thursday evening: Loughner’s Judge Makes Conservative Plea For Gun Control: Larry Alan Burns, the federal district judge in San Diego who just

Jim Webb Rewrites Mitt Romney's Idea Of The 47 Percent

Lawrence O'Donnell skewered Mitt Romney for his time writing love letters in the sand to Ann on the beach in France during the Vietnam war, and for being one of the few people out there to actually protest in favor of that war, while simultaneously

Dick Morris Attempts To Rewrite Fox Poll Into Indicator That Romney Will Win

After Rush Limbaugh has been accusing pollsters of being in the tank for President Obama and trying to rig the election for him, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell was wondering how the talking heads over at Fox were going to handle things now that one of their own polls shows President Obama with a five point lead over Mitt Romney.

Limbaugh Attacks Debate Moderators As 'Far Left-Wing' Liberals

From The Last Word's Rewrite segment this Thursday evening, Lawrence O'Donnell gives his take on Rush Limbaugh "working the refs" by attacking the presidential and vice presidential debate moderators, calling them "far left-wing liberal" Democrats

Paul Ryan Attempts To Rewrite His Romance With Ayn Rand

Lawrence O'Donnell hit Ayn Rand fan-boy and now Mitt Romney presidential running mate Rep. Paul Ryan for his romance with Rand that he's been trying to run away from for some time now. As O'Donnell noted, there are two reasons for Ryan trying to