2012 GOP nomination

Mitt Romney Says He Likes Grits, Saying 'Y'all'

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I may, as we say in the South, throw up. Mitt Romney is trying to be a Southerner. At an event in Mississippi today, he greeted the crowd at the Farmer's Market in

Newt Gingrich Blames Price Of Gas On 'Obama's Policies'

In his victory speech Tuesday night, in addition to lying about what Obama said about gas prices, Newt peddled the Palinesque fantasy that "drill, baby drill" is the answer to all our energy problems and also added (starts around 2:15): GINGRICH:

Rick Santorum Is Officially The New Republican Frontrunner

Yes, really. And I may never stop laughing. Early indications from two polls in the field -- Public Policy Polling and Gallup -- show Rick Santorum either taking over the lead among Republican voters nationally or at least tied with Mitt

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Kathryn Jean Lopez Edition

Ay-yi-yi. While it's certainly true that almost anything is possible in the Circus Geek and Clown Tour otherwise known as the 2012 GOP primary, Santorum is currently just a hair above 9 percent on Intrade and against President Obama, he's