Black Bloc

May Day Violence In Seattle

Watch: An otherwise peaceful day of protest was marred by a spate of violence at a Seattle May Day protest. Video: Protesters dressed in "Black-Bloc" clothing smashed windows on Capitol Hill, bottles were thrown at police officers who in turn used pepper spray, and blast balls -- a small firework-like device that creates a flash and a modest dose of pepper spray when they would not disperse.

We Are An Occupation Nation

B Media Collective, a community-based video art collective, presents "Occupation Nation," an hourlong montage of remixed shorts that explore the philosophical roots of Occupy Movement. As zombie banksters threaten to consume all that's

Occupiers Protest In 100 Cities

Protests marking May Day were held worldwide on Tuesday, including at least 100 Occupy protests across the U.S. Marches in some areas turned violent. In Oakland, protesters banged on bank windows and went head-to-head with a police line. In Seattle, protesters smashed windows and police resorted to pepper spraying some of the crowds. 1,000 Occupy protesters gathered at New York City’s Bryant Park, before marching up Fifth Avenue. One co-organizer said, “We're trying to find new, positive community-building ways to engage and protest and be a part of the burgeoning civil dialogue about what this country should be doing.”

Violence Erupts After Anarchist Book Fair

Just as Occupy Wall Street was getting some very positive reports in the media over their "sleepful protests," and the relationships being built within the community...anarchy. To what end? To make the residents of NYC fearful of protesters in

Chris Hedges And Occupy Debate 'Black Bloc' Violence

With the escalation of police tactics at many Occupations, some Occupiers argue for more active resistance. Chris Hedges and Kevin Zeese are questioned by DC Occupiers over future tactics at a seminar sponsored by a Ralph Nader group.