Oakland To Punish Cops For Handling Of Occupy Protesters

View more videos at: Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said today that he wants to discipline 44 of his officers for misconduct in their handling of Occupy Oakland protesters at three major demonstrations in the

Updates On The LAPD 'Chalk Riot'

More videos surfaced online on Sunday of the LAPD violence at Thursday’s Downtown LA Art Walk. Many helicopters hover above the streets. Full riot gear was worn by some officers during the ordeal. Rubber bullets and other projectiles were
Report: UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident 'Should And Could Have Been Prevented'

Report: UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident 'Should And Could Have Been Prevented'

No doubt you all remember the shocking pepper spray attack on peaceful student protesters at UC Davis last November. Today the report into that incident has been released and the results are damning, accusing the Chancellor of poor leadership and concluding that the use of pepper spray was unjustified and should have been prevented.

UC Police Review Of Occupy Call Protest Calls For Use Of Pepper Spray

The assistant police chief tasked with reviewing campus police actions during the November 9, 2011 protest at UC Berkeley wrote that "Some of these findings will be controversial," in his 50-page report to the UC Berkeley police chief. Critical of the administration, he found that the police should have been allowed to use pepper spray on the protesting students. Outraged protesters are calling the report a "a tactical handbook for warfare against students."