Judge Furious Over Police Set Up Of Occupy Protesters

Police have been caught setting up occupy wall street protesters last year in order to prosecute them more harshly under the law. In December of last year, Occupy Houston made headlines as they blocked the entrance to the Port of Houston

Matt Taibbi, Eliot Spitzer On Eric Holder's Failure

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi talked with Eliot Spitzer last night about Eric Holder's decision not to prosecute Goldman Sachs for the offenses laid out in the Levin report. Taibbi had this to say afterwards: "But that's exactly who

60 Minutes Asks: 'Why Aren't We Prosecuting Wall Street?'

Big banks, bailouts, secret bailouts, the defective and even fraudulent mortgages that have already led to foreclosure on millions of American's homes; finally, a mainstream media news source is asking why none of the companies involved - or their executives - have been prosecuted.