Flash Mob

Morning Open Thread

Morning Open Thread

As Walmart workers petition managers to reinstate employees who have been unfairly treated or fired, a flash mob breaks out.

Occupy Russia

From last year, this is a flash mob protest in Russia done to the music of "Putin on the Ritz." (They spelled it that way intentionally.)

One Awesome Flash Mob

Flash mobs have sprung up in recent years as a social phenomenon meant to snap people out of their monotonous routines - making it perfectly suited to the Occupy Movement. It can be said that Occupy Wall Street is like one giant societal flash mob, disrupting the status quo in multiple corners of the country and asking pertinent questions about wealth, politics and direct democracy...

Janet Jackson Flash Mob @ Union Square

April 1 was a national Day of Action for the homeless. It was also Occupy SF's move-in day. Occupy SF inhabited a vacant building for the purpose of creating a social/community center. Many from Oakland came down to help out with the move-in.

#OWS: The People's Gong At The New York Stock Exchange

Spring Training is a series of weekly Friday afternoon exercises developed by the Occupy Wall Street Direct Action Work Group to improve communication, coordination, and build team spirit in marches leading up to May Day. The weekly exercises culminate in the "People's Gong" in front of the New York Stock Exchange, an action designed to raise the voices of the 99% in contrast to the NYSE's closing bell representing the 1%.