Dismantling The Warrior Fetish

On Monday, ADM Mike Mullen told a crowd at the National Defense University that he was concerned about the civil-military "disconnect" - that the military was in danger of being out of touch with the American public, who appears disinterested in

Don't Leave It To The Generals

Matt Yglesias has a web article in The American Prospect where he ruminates on Richard Holbrooke's legacy and impact on the ongoing AfPak struggle. He takes the time to point out the disfunction of civil-military affairs in this

Would McCain Negotiate With Syria?

Check out this very interesting interview with the Syrian ambassador Imad Moustapha at Foreign Policy magazine. He says clearly that the US raid into

A Grand Bargain In Afghanistan?

While the presidential candidates try to outdo each other on hawkishness on their Afghanistan/Pakistan policies and violence rises even further, the m