Big Bird

Million Puppet March Protests Romney Threat To PBS

We haven't seen the last of Big Bird--or his Muppet friends. Around a thousand protesters turned out for the Million Puppet March on Capitol Hill on Saturday to demonstrate against Mitt Romney's promise to cut funding to Public Broadcasting Services.

Morning Open Thread

Good morning, today is Wednesday, October 10, 2012. On this day in 2002, The House voted 296-133 to give President George W. Bush broad authority to use military force against Iraq. (The Senate followed suit the next day.) Your open

Morning Open Thread

Fire Big Bird? No way, says Sesame Street. Good morning, today is Monday, October 8, 2012. Your open thread begins below. Note: Our fundraiser is still ongoing, with many thanks to those who have contributed thus far.

Obama: Women Should Make Their Own Health Care Decisions

President Obama, spoke in Fairfax, Virginia on Friday, and had the chance to address one important issue that didn’t come up in the debate – the way that Obamacare, and supporting women’s decisions about their health care, is not only better for women’s health, but for women’s lives, families, and as a result, the economy.

Obama Stands Up For Big Bird And PBS

Thank heavens we have one candidate who will stand for Big Bird. After Romney's callous remarks about how he'd fire Jim Lehrer and Big Bird to save the United States from falling into enemy hands, the President came out roaring at his campaign

Romney Fires Big Bird: The Song

I must say, kudos to the creator, Jonathan Mann, for speed! Video probably not suitable for small children, because kids really love Sesame Street, and all the characters get "fired" in the video. The terrified faces of little ones that Mitt

Mitt Romney Loves Big Bird, Fires Him Anyway

Mitt Romney has stated publicly that he likes being able to fire people. But Big Bird? Yes, Big Bird was put on notice, as was the debate moderator, Jim Lehrer of PBS and the entire PBS network.