"Courageous" Romney And Ryan Chicken Out On Tax Breaks

Introducing his new running mate on Saturday, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney boasted, "We offer solutions that are bold, specific, and achievable." Number Two dutifully followed Number One, as Paul Ryan then promised voters, "We

"It's The Romney-Ryan Plan"

When the Romney campaign alerted users of its mobile VP app on Tuesday to "turn on your push notifications," the GOP vice presidential frenzy went to 11. But while New York Times statistician extraordinaire Nate Silver responded by running

Tax Day: New York City Style

The Tax Dodgers celebrated yet another record-breaking season at the headquarters of their sponsors, GE, Verizon, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. The team was joined by their hula-hooping cheerleading squad, The Loopholes, and together, they will be personally thanking everyday New Yorkers for paying their taxes for them...

The Romney Uncertainty Principle

That Mitt Romney will say anything to become President of the United States — no matter how blatantly false or comically contradictory — is sadly taken as a given in Election 2012. But while his pathetic pandering and transparent