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Now Rush Limbaugh Downplays His Role In GOP

It is pathetic to see how badly these GOP pundits and politicos twist themselves in knots to disavow any responsibility for the fact that they are driving their party over the cliff, just like they drove the American economy in 2008. Now the

Limbaugh Makes Racist Suggestion About New Orleans

Talking about showing his true colors! Does Rush have any advertisers left? Because I have to wonder if they want their products associated with this racist, disgusting excuse for a human being. Via Raw Story: Conservative radio host Rush

Limbaugh: Don't Tell 'People On Welfare When The Election Is'

Rush Limbaugh is calling on his listeners to keep the election date a secret from the poorest Americans. "Ninety-nine days, folks," the conservative radio host announced on Monday. "Ninety-nine days before the election. If you are a welfare