NYPD Twitter Fail - #myNYPD

NYPD Twitter Fail - #myNYPD

As we all now know, the social media team at the NYPD are geniuses! Using #myNYPD to encourage New Yorkers to post pictures of fond memories with the police.

Occupy Here Now

Occupy Here Now - from Panaman Pictures on Vimeo. A short film featuring some familiar sites from Occupy Wall Street, set to music, and starring "Anonymous." Panaman Pictures presents the Prologue of "Occupy Here Now." Directed by

N.J. Terrorist Hideout Actually NYPD Operation

. The above Youtube video contains the audio of a 911 call that the New York Police Department tried to keep secret. After over a year of requests, The Associated Press finally received access to a 911 tape the New York Police Department

Video: Stop And Frisk By Nina Berman

Stop and Frisk from Nina Berman on Vimeo. Nina Berman is a documentary photographer based in New York City with a particular interest in the American political and social landscape. She is the author of two monographs, "Purple Hearts -