Getting Honest About The One Nation Rally

Let me start this post--in which I plan to castigate several entities--with a castigation towards myself, a mea culpa, if you will. Over the weekend, I posted that the size of the crowds of the One Nation Working Together rally were roughly

A C&L Surprise Is Coming....

I want to thank everyone that donated to C&L's Fellowship Action Fundraiser back in May. I've been using the funds to accomplish many things inclu

Raised Right

As a native Hoosier, the Quayle family has a special place in my heart. The same way that red meat has a special place in my colon. From what

Mike's Blog Roundup

Angry Bear: A number of the big libertarian & rightwing blogs are putting up links to this post by Scott Sumner. I'm kind of surprised because the

The Black Hole Of Guantanamo

George Galloway interviews Andy Worthington on UK knowledge of torture on Guantanamo detainees for Digital Radio. I don't know that there is anyone