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Colin Powell Expresses His Support For Gay Marriage

As Think Progress noted, you can add former Secretary of State Colin Powell to the list of political figures who have followed President Obama's lead and come out in favor of marriage equality this week. Powell appeared on CNN's the Situation

Gay Marriage: The Republican Love Affair With The Past

The future is always a dystopia and the past is always better than this mess we live in right now. That’s if literature has any ability to tell us about ourselves. Stories about the future: Forewarning. Stories about the good ol’ days:

April 5, 1994 - The Battle For Healthcare

April 5, 1994. The Clinton Healthcare plan in trouble. Teamsters threatening strike over freight hauling. Don't Ask Don't Tell in court. Arkansas Razorbacks win NCAA. Darryl Strawberry to rehab. Wall Street heads up. 1,000 Ukrainian Peacekeeping troops to Bosnia. Riot at a Grateful Dead concert in Orlando, Florida.