Domestic drones

 FAA Restricts Drones Flying Over Pipeline Protests
Water cannons used on protesters by North Dakota law enforcement at Standing Rock North Dakota Nov. 2016 High-pressure water hoses used on children and adults in Birmingham, Alabama by Birmingham Police Department May 1963 Image from: Ruptly TV, Getty Images

FAA Restricts Drones Flying Over Pipeline Protests

The FAA has imposed a 4-nautical mile Temporary Flight Restriction in airspace up to 3500 feet above sea level, over the Standing Rock Protest in North Dakota.

Drones R U.S.

Domestic Drone manufacturers are quickly turning towards the US as a new fertile source of employment.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong With Arming Domestic Drones?

In our latest episode of "Let's Militarize The Police And Treat Civilians As The Enemy," we now want the same scattershot drone technology to be used right here in the good old U.S. of A.! What could possibly go wrong? I know: We'll pass a law