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Rep. Chris Van Hollen To File IRS Lawsuit On Tax-Exempt Applications

Lawrence O'Donnell may not have had much luck with his petition to get the White House to do something about the IRS not following the statute on these 501c4 groups and their tax-exempt status when they're clearly nothing more than political organizations, so here's hoping that Rep. Chris Van Hollen gets some better results with the courts.

Cavuto And Erickson Continue Flogging Fake IRS 'Scandal'

Despite the fact that the IRS fake scandal has been debunked and recent revelations that the IRS was also targeting progressive groups, Fox's Cavuto and Erickson continued playing the victim card for these so-called "tea party" groups.

O'Donnell: Petition The White House To Fix IRS Tax Exempt 'Regulation'

After the final nail in the coffin that should be putting this IRS fake scandal to rest, where we found out that the Internal Revenue Service’s screening of groups seeking tax exempt status also targeted those with names that included “Israel,” ”Progressive” and “Occupy," MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell had a suggestion to fix this matter once and for all.

Colbert Mocks Tea Partiers For Whining About Tax-Exempt Status They Didn't Have To Ask For

ABC's Jonathan Karl and his part in helping to feed the scandal-mongering over Benghazi wasn't the only recent Republican drummed up outrage Stephen Colbert decided to take on during this Monday's show. After his "Mazda-Scandal Booth" on Benghazi, Colbert took his next turn in the booth on the IRS, grasping "wildly at any accusation that floats past."

If There's A Tax Loophole, Mitt Romney Is Using It

Yes, if there's a tax loophole, Mitt Romney has found it and it using it. During the Clinton administration, Congress cracked down on a favorite tax shelter of the rich and powerful, but allowed those who already had them established to keep