With Congress Back To Work, Republican Attacks On EPA Resume

Fresh off the August recess, the United States Congress got back to business today. Rather than focusing on pressing issues like a potential war, looming budget deadlines, and the growing problem of student loan debt, some Republican lawmakers thought it was the perfect time to pick up where they left off before their recess – attacking the Environmental Protection Agency.

Common Pain Medicine Could Be Deadly

Acetaminophen, one of the most common medicines used in fever and pain drugs like Tylenol, could trigger dangerous skin reactions in some people, the Food and Drug Administration said Thursday. The reactions typically start with flu-like symptoms, but could lead to extensive damage to skin tissue and could be fatal.

Hayes Slams Congress For Protecting Air Travelers Alone Among Sequester Victims

Chris Hayes points to the thousands of low-income Americans suffering under sequestration as Congress rushes through a fix for the FAA cuts that were delaying their flights and takes a look at just who members of Congress are responsive to. As you might have guessed, it's the affluent and the donor class and not your average citizen and certainly not the poor.