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The Gall Of Dick Cheney

The Gall Of Dick Cheney

Vice president Dick Cheney just co-authored an op-ed with his daughter in the WSJ attacking Obama for being wrong about the situation in Iraq. I kid you not.

Ingraham Turns 'Dove' And Rips Wall Street Journal For Beating 'War Drums'

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham -- who once <A href="">accused opponents</a> of the Iraq invasion of trying to "subvert America" -- is now blasting the <Em>The Wall Street Journal</em> for beating the "war drums" because the editorial board expressed support for President Barack Obama's use of drones.

Boehner Pretends He's Not Sure If Sequester Will Cause Economic Damage

After previously giving dire warnings about the sequester in a recent op-ed he penned for The Wall Street Journal, House Speaker John Boehner did an about face and told Meet the Press' David Gregory that he wasn't sure if it was going to hurt the economy or not and he told Gregory “I don't think anyone quite understands how it gets resolved." If he really wants to get the country out of this self-inflicted mess, there's a pretty simple way, which is to pass the bill introduced by Rep. John Conyers this week, entitled the Cancel the Sequester Act of 2013.